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Why A Shipping Container Is The Best Investment Choice For You?


With our fixed income strategy, longer-term leases offer a stable income of 12% per year.longer-term leases offer a


For investment returns of up to 26% per annum. Opt for our short-term lease strategy to capture urgent demand and maximize profitability.


Complete Preservation Of Your Capital Investment.


Here are what some of our clients have to say about us




“I’m Ana from Quebec, Canada. When I first heard about this kind of investment, my financial advisor and I were a bit skeptical after reading some articles that concerning the containers investment. Then, I received some phone calls and emails from their staff explaining clearly all inquiries we had. I’ve come to a decision that I would invest with them. And I’ve earned for myself a small sum since. The return of investment is very good when you invested more than 5 container and the payments are always on time.”


Ibrahim M.


“My wife and I have been investing with Traditional Invest for just only 3 years. We want our children to have a better future, and doing business with this company makes me satisfied. I was convinced by their staff, I decided to own and lease one container for the first start. Unlike me, my wife did not agree with this kind of investment, but I asked her to give it a try. Two weeks later when I arrived in London to meet them directly, I bought more and now I receive monthly income from 20 containers as regular as clockwork.”

Why Invest With Us?

Containers have a 60 year track record as the most profitable and safest source of passive income. Traditional Invest is here to help your investments run smoothly and successfully; from sourcing shipping containers, to leasing them, right down to transferring your income. Ultimately simplifying the entire investment process for you.


Get Paid Monthly

All payments made on 28th of the month with full income statement.

Secure, Safe Investment

Secure, Safe Investment

Every unit is fully insured.


Top Rate Returns

Choose a fixed lease for fixed returns or opt for maximised annual returns of up to 26%.

Clear Exit Strategy

Clear Exit Strategy

We offer to buy back your container at the termination of the leasing contract.

How It Works?

It’s this simple...


Get In Touch With Us

Get in touch with our team today for professional and clear advice on your investment, and to understand potential returns and market situation.


We Make A Strategy

Our leasing contracts gives you 100% preservation of capital and 26% increase in income per year. And because every container is fully insured we will buy them back at full cost price after 5 years.


Lease Your Containers

Lease your containers back to us, so we can begin securing your income. Our professionals ensure your containers enjoy constant demand from the biggest companies, so you can relax whilst your investment earns you income every month.


Make Profit!

We pay your income into your chosen bank account on 28th of every month.

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